which vst - rtas adaptor?

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which vst - rtas adaptor?

Post by the_noodlemeister » Thu Apr 01, 2010 10:17 pm

I'm going to get some vst plug-ins and need a vst - rtas adaptor. I have windows xp and protools 8, so it has to be compatible with these. I've looked at FXpansion but have heard that it will not cope with vst 2.4 format, and one of the plug-ins that i'm looking at (Toxic Biohazard 4) has this format. Can, anyone please recommend an adaptor, then, that is known to work with protools 8, and can handle vst 2.4s?

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Re: which vst - rtas adaptor?

Post by krushing » Wed Apr 07, 2010 9:43 am

I don't think there are any other adapters than this one.

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