Arturia - opinions?

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Re: Arturia - opinions?

Post by Solderman » Mon Mar 14, 2011 2:47 am

Just wanted to throw in a final word on JP8V, being that I replaced a real Jupiter 8 with it and don't at all regret it. My PC is a Q6600 quad core, and two instances of JP8V with 8 voices each, don't push CPU usage in Reaper past 7%. Moore's law will always indirectly apply to software, and considering the relatively lower cost of new hardware compared to an actual polysynth, seems a fair enough trade, to me, assuming you don't mind the interface, you're not using it for a live gig and aren't the type who will accept no substitute. For the price of a Prophet 8, you could buy the JP8V software, 3 or 4 quad-core Intel machines linked by FX Teleport and a network switch, and still use one audio interface.

I mentioned at the beginning of this thread that JP8V fails utterly at re-creating voice tolerances in any sort of logical or intuitive way. So the cumbersome way requires getting your patch fully programmed first. Once saved how you like it, enable dual mode, give Upper Source Mix full left and Lower Source Mix full right, effectively replacing the Source Mix control by the Upper/Lower Balance control. Now set the master Detune knob, at lower left, to something above 7. Double your polyphony count and Presto, simulated voice tolerances.
Best to have a control surface with all the knobs already mapped to CC's or NRPN's. That way you can still tweak everything without need to switch upper or lower. I use my Access Virus b. A Behringer BCR2000 is also a good choice.
I am no longer in pursuit of vintage synths. The generally absurd inflation from demand versus practical use and maintenance costs is no longer viable. The internet has suffocated and vanquished yet another wonderful hobby. Too bad.
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Re: Arturia - opinions?

Post by MPS » Thu Mar 17, 2011 2:29 pm

One of the problems with comparing a soft synth emulation to a classic vintage synth is... which vintage synth are you comparing?

There is a wide degree of variation from one Mini to another. They were analog and values will drift over time, components age, etc. So does the Arturia X sound exactly like your Classic X. Probably not exactly. Will it get you in the neighborhood? Absolutely. Will any one really be able to tell when you have the sound layered in a track with another 16 or 24 tracks? Probably not one person in 1000 will be able to tell the difference.

We can't all own these classic vintage synths. I for one don't want the maintenance headaches that come along with them. While I know the software is not the same as the vintage article, I can now pack an Arp 2600, Mellotron, and almost anything else, around in a laptop.

That is just awesome.

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Re: Arturia - opinions?

Post by Algorytm7 » Thu Mar 17, 2011 6:38 pm

MPS wrote:While I know the software is not the same as the vintage article, I can now pack an Arp 2600, Mellotron, and almost anything else, around in a laptop.
I'm afraid, that's a far reaching mental shortcut. Manipulation 101.

I bought Arturia CS80V and did not like it. It makes nice synth sounds and I made some listenable music with it but a hardware instrument like a CS80, Arp 2600 or Mellotron it is not. It would've been alright if I were only on the audience's end of the stick, but I also play the damn things.

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