Ipad Music Apps and Bluetooth Speakers

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Ipad Music Apps and Bluetooth Speakers

Post by Allthesound » Thu Mar 07, 2013 2:11 am

I picked up a Belkin Bluetooth Reciver today to connect my iPad to my Mackie mixer. I had no problem getting it setup and paired to the ipad. I fired off PPG Wavemapper to give it a wirl. Excellent its working. Then i fire off iMini and the sound was comming out of the ipads speaker instead . So i made sure i had all other apps closed and tried again, same :? AniMoog worked fine , Sunrizer - Dxi - Magellan - Dm1 - Funkbox - SP Pro - TC-11 - BS-16i - Figure all worked over bluetooth with no problem.
Nlog Pro - Audiobus - Multitrack DAW - LoopyHD - Samplr - Audulus no matter what i tired i could not get them to work :(
Does anyone have any experience with this? Does the app itself have to support audio over bluetooth? I guess i just assumed that was a fuction of the OS.
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Re: Ipad Music Apps and Bluetooth Speakers

Post by Bitexion » Thu Mar 07, 2013 7:12 pm

iMini has some issues still, it doesn't support Core MIDI, which is the midi system the ipad/iphone uses.
That is probably why it won't send MIDI through bluetooth also.

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