recommend me a good laptop!

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recommend me a good laptop!

Postby frequency » Tue Jun 11, 2013 9:11 am

Hey guys,

It’s been long years since I sold off everything for financial reasons and now I’m getting back some stuff to start making electronic music again.
I used to is Mac, Logic and Reaktor. But I only have about 1000 euro’s to spend on a new set up for now. The big chunk obviously would be purchasing a secondhand Mac, so I really want to cut down on that cost and go PC laptop instead. The laptop would be used solely for making music and not even a thing like e-mail or surfing the net. I’m guessing 8 gb RAM would be quite enough. As sequencer I’d probably go for FL Studio Producer edition which looks like a real good thing and is quite cheap secondhand. For instruments I’d look for a Komplete 8 package. There’s the 9 version, so the 8 version will be relatively cheap to buy. A Novation Remote controller and an audio interface. I stick to headphones for the time being and use a very cheap bass (which is my main instrument).

I’m pretty sure about everything except what kind of laptop to buy: I have absolutely ZERO experience with them when making music.

So, going secondhand market: what laptop would you guys recommend??

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Re: recommend me a good laptop!

Postby Hugo76 » Wed Jun 12, 2013 9:18 am

Hi frequency,
You might want to post your question over at the KVR Audio forum instead:
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