need advice in my midi synth setup

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need advice in my midi synth setup

Postby rtx1224 » Wed Dec 18, 2013 4:37 am


long time lurker, first time poster.

i have a computer based setup that is more or less working, however it is not optimized in the best way that it could be.

actually my post will be regarding two main issues:

1. how best to route the hardware
2. optimizing midi gear for vsti control


here is the equipment i would like to play together optimally:
novation remote 49SL compact
behringer BCR2000
akai mpd18
dell vostro laptop running cubase 5 and various VSTi's

(i also have a rme baby face, mackie monitors, and smpro monitor controller but none of that is relative to this topic)

at this moment, I have the akai and novation hooked up via their usb ports into my laptop, and the BCR is hooked into the novation via midi (bcr out into novation in)
this setup works but im not able to get vsti patch feedback into the bcr, and when i hook up another midi cable (bcr in, novation out) it causes massive issues with notes being triggered and looping repetatively.
i used to have the BCR hooked up via its usb port, but for whatever reason that setup did not work along with the novation (just to clearify I want all 3 controllers to operate one synth at a time)

so. what is the best way that i can set this up so that i can get patch parameter information into the BCR?
id like the LEDs on the BCR to change accordingly when i change a patch in a VSTi
is it via the midi method and i need to enable a function or setting within one unit or another?
or with all 3 controllers connected via usb?


the really big issue that has been plaguing me forever is a seamless and integrated setup (or lackthereof) of controlling a VSTi with my controllers.

what im trying to achieve is: To Always Control Same Synth Parameters With The Same Knobs. (like a hardware synth)
in other words, i would LOVE to be able to switch from one VSTi to another, highlite it in cubase, and instantly all my knobs are controlling same parameters (regardless of vsti).
i realize that all synths are different and that i could never have the perfect setup, but i would like to dedicate all the knobs on my BCR to always control same common function that the majority of synths have (for example filters, envelopes, oscilator functions etc...)
currently i have to assign them each and every time and frankly its making me not want to do it at all and im tired of adjusting everything with the mouse. (to be honest this has turned me off of using VSTi's and computers in general for making music, but i would like to get back into it.

so am i limited to only using VSTi's that have the 'learn' function?
if that is the case, then that is too bad, but eitherway i would be willing to invest some money into buying a few proper synths and learn them well, as long as i can have them set up like a hardware synth and spending time tweaking knobs instead of assigning them.

if i can set this up and be able to use any VSTi (not just ones with midi learn) then that would be awesome as that would really open up a whole world of inexpensive and free vsti's available especially through kvr.
i originally bought the novation for this reason, but the 8 knobs is just not enough and i dont even like their feel and i dont want to be switching banks and looking at the little lcd strip.

if what im trying to achieve is not possible, then id be willing to invest in something like a arturia controller with the included libraries, but as a last resort.

help is appreciated.
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Re: need advice in my midi synth setup

Postby meatballfulton » Wed Dec 18, 2013 2:02 pm

Take a look at Nektar Panorama


P1 is just the controller, P4 and P6 have keyboards.
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