UVI Emulator 2, The Beast, Fairlight etc. questions

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UVI Emulator 2, The Beast, Fairlight etc. questions

Post by Caine123 » Sun Jan 26, 2014 11:53 am

hi mates :), i hope im right here!

im a huge 80s fan and i already have some softsynths from Korg and recently DIVA and UNO60 + OPX Pro II which sound amazing and normally enough? ;) but i found some demo songs of UVI Emulator II, Fairlight and The Beast which sound awesome but i dunno i read a lot of comments that those libraries are not very adjustable, not full and overpriced!

so my questions are:

1. are there any FULL libraries for the PC? VSTs, Kontakt Libraries etc.?
2. what advantages have the UVI products maybe?

i love this kind of new styles 80s sound, synthwave, normally DIVA etc. are enough but i love to have some great old instruments for nostalgia and usable for in the mix of this music as well like those:

thanks a lot!

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Re: UVI Emulator 2, The Beast, Fairlight etc. questions

Post by synthroom » Sun Jan 26, 2014 9:07 pm

Welcome to the board! Nice tracks you linked to!

I've not experience with the UVI programs, but I do have the Bitly Fairlight plugin for Reason and that does an excellent job with Fairlight sounds. I think it has the full Series II library as well.
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Re: UVI Emulator 2, The Beast, Fairlight etc. questions

Post by JMP » Tue Mar 04, 2014 7:15 pm

I've provided some demos of these products for UVI (showcasing sounds only) and have mixed opinions tbh. Regarding the EI, EII and Fairlight products, they're a great way to access some of these famous libraries... but they're not complete and you the big thing is... you can't sample !

You get interfaces for tweaking the sounds and adding effects and some of the reproductions sound very good against the originals (in the case of the EII which I have). Suppose it depends on what you're looking for and you have to appreciate you get what you pay for when comparing against the cost of an original instrument.

Maybe worth waiting for a promotional discount weekend... If you subscribe to UVI with your email they often send out discounted weekend offers and the like..... and no, I'm not on commission. ;)

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Re: UVI Emulator 2, The Beast, Fairlight etc. questions

Post by dustinh » Sat Mar 08, 2014 2:36 am

Here's one I'm looking into. Might be worth a look if you already have kontakt. It's only 15 pounds. http://www.hollowsun.com/HS2/products/v ... /index.htm

The UVI stuff looks nice, too but I have a hard time justifying their steep prices. You'd have to get in on a promo deal as was already said.

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