J74 StepLocker - Step-modulator with Parameter Locks for Abl

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J74 StepLocker - Step-modulator with Parameter Locks for Abl

Postby rob_lee » Thu Mar 27, 2014 1:53 pm

I just seen this on the web, don't know whether it's of any use to you guys on here but here's some details

J74 StepLocker

J74 StepLocker is a sequencing and modulation device for Ableton Live (Max for Live) based on the concept of parameter locking, whereby parameter settings can be associated with each sequencer step. The work-flow in StepLocker is very simple: choose one or more steps in the sequencer, select a parameter in Ableton Live, set its value and lock it. You can do this for any parameter, in any device, in any track of Live. On top of this StepLocker offers also classic step sequencer features such as playback manipulation (step numbers, random step order), value interpolation, randomization and (post-locking) editing (copy, paste, erase).

Feature set:

- Up to 64 steps modulator with parameter locks for any parameter, in any device, in any track of Ableton Live
- Intuitive user interface based on simple actions: just click, set, lock and sequence. No routing or long menu's involved.
- Different modulation styles (Impulse/Hold, Gliding)
- Real time sequencing controls: free step number count, step duration, random playback order
- Post-locking editing features: free editing of every recorded lock, randomization, shift values up/down, mute values, copy and paste sections
- Possibility of recording the modulation as Session clip automation or Arrangement automation
- Device state saved with the Ableton Live project

StepLocker is an Ableton Live Max for Live device for Live 9 and higher.
You must have a Max for Live licence to run it and it will run properly only in Live 9 or higher (older versions of Live, such as Live 8, are not supported).

Supported versions:
- Live 9.x or higher + Max 6.1.x

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Re: J74 StepLocker - Step-modulator with Parameter Locks for

Postby Hugo76 » Fri Mar 28, 2014 1:15 am

Looks very cool. Problem is I don't have Max for Live, so I'll have to buy that in addition. Obviously this gives access to a whole lot of other stuff as well, so I'll buy it eventually.
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