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Yamaha TX16W – custom ram expansion batch offer

Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:02 pm
by teevee
I recently got myself a Yamaha TX16W with one standard Yamaha EMM15 pre-installed and I like to max-out my devices, even thought that it is not always necessary especially not in this case, due to that Typhoon 2000 is using the 1.5 mb pre-installed ram very well. To my surprise I found out that the price for these EMM15 cards used are 50 – 100 €, which is absurd for 1.5 mb ram expansion.

I found out that other users have managed to make custom installations too, which requires a bit technical know-how:

Examples: < Zip file under the folder “memory”

Long story short. I spoke with an online friend, who is able to produce and assemble these custom ram expansions for Yamaha TX16w, but with an improved design, where the end-user has 2 x 30 pins socket with the possibility to exchange the 30-pin SIMM (You can example insert 2 x 4 mb and then your Yamaha TX16W is maxed out on ram with 6 mb, due to how the pins will be addressed).

My friend told me, that I need to raise a batch of minimum 15 before and the price would be around 40-45 £ maybe pr. Device and cheaper if the batch is higher.

Anyone interested or maybe know someone, who would be?

Note, this will only be a one-time offer due to that my interest is only there as long as i want to expand my Yamaha TX16W :) This topic is a “interest feeler” to see if it would make sense to make this batch and I will spread this topic across different forums to reach out users.

Any questions and inputs are very welcome :)