WANTED: Korg A1 firmware

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WANTED: Korg A1 firmware

Postby SerialSinger » Tue May 15, 2018 6:11 pm

Hello all!
I just acquired a really nice Korg A1 effects processor, and I discovered that the EPROM chip of its operating system is a "weird one", at least for the only EPROM reader/burner I usually have access to (owned by a friend of mine).

The chip is a Fujitsu MBM27C1000, apparently very similar to any (more common) 27C1001 EPROM but not identical in pins assignment.

Is there anyone here around who by chance have access to a Korg A1 *and* an EPROM reader able to read that ugly chip and obtain a binary dump?
Then we'll add the missing dump to the usual huge collection at dbwbp.com :)

Many thanks in advance!
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