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Casio HT 3000 parts available

Posted: Wed May 30, 2018 11:47 pm
by robphys
I have some parts available from a Casio HT3000 that I cannibalized to repair another HT3000. This one had had the wrong power adaptor plugged in (not me honest) and it no longer powered up. I have stripped the keyboard down and have the following bits for people if they need them. Open to offers on the parts. There is nothing available out there so not sure what its all worth.

Keys - all bar 2 (that I used in the repair)
Key contact boards and rubber strips
Buttons - all
Rotary dial
1 slider cap
LCD screen
Pitch and mod wheels
Various circuit boards - not sure where problem lies with them - no obvious signs of damage from the incorrect power supply.

If you need photos I can provide them. Get in touch if you want any or can tell me what other keyboards use the same keys as the HT as I may be able to use them in other synths.

Thanks for looking and hope to hear from you soon.