SH-101 Nova mod problem

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SH-101 Nova mod problem

Post by belzrebuth » Thu Aug 09, 2018 5:04 pm

Hi all,
I've just a SH-101 with some nova mods installed as well as the tubbutek midi.
It's great overall but there seems to be an issue.
The LFO is always affecting the filter.
There is a LFO Clk input jack that's used to clock the LFO by an external signal.
When there's nothing connected on that input jack the LFO is routed to the filter no matter where the MOD settings are.
When I plug only a jack connector in there the synth functions normally.
This is a switched jack; if nothing is connected the IC pins that is connected to go straigh to the PCB (where they should from factory).
The next logical step is to desolder the wires and just place the chip where is should without any wires and go from there.
But I wonder if anyone with a modded SH-101 has any feedback on how this mod should work.

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