DIY Kurzweil K2500 P/RAM expansion boards - any takers?

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DIY Kurzweil K2500 P/RAM expansion boards - any takers?

Post by dojoe » Sun Oct 07, 2018 2:49 pm


so as jojo already mentioned I made a parameter RAM expansion module compatible with the Kurzweil K2500 because we didn't think people should have to pay upwards of 100$ for an extension that's 10 bucks worth of parts at today's technology.

I just open-sourced that card today - check out the README on GitHub for details. I figure not everyone wants to build this card from scratch though, so I thought maybe people are interested in a tiny production run :) I suspect that demand for this will be way less than for the MRAM cards we made, but maybe there are still a few people who might be interested.

So here's the deal: When I order boards and parts for the next batch of MRAM cards, I'm going to order boards and parts for these P/RAM cards. I will order and manufacture as many cards as I find takers for. Price wise, I'm thinking 20€ per card, plus 5€ for worldwide shipping (no insurance, no tracking).

So, any takers?

Questions and answers:
Question wrote:Does this also work in the K2000, or in the K2600?
Nope. K2500 only. The K2000 or K2600 P/RAM cards are completely different.
Question wrote:How well has your card been tested?
It works fine in jojo's K2500 - that's 100% success rate so far ;)
Seriously though, the design is dead simple so if it works in one K2500, it'll work in all of them unless there's something wrong with the synth.

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