Polysix Parts Name?

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Polysix Parts Name?

Post by F3rdy » Thu Apr 09, 2020 8:46 pm

Hi, my first post here,

Reviving an old repair project of my Polysix, and I'm currently in the process of replacing the cable and the cable connectors going between the effect and the main board (CN06-CN06). Previous owner seems to have transplanted these from the old main board (The current one is a fresh clone), but they have signs of corrosion on them from what I believe was a battery leak on the old board, so I want to replace the whole cables+their connectors.

I just need some help in finding the right names for the parts needed - got some already but they came with the mainboard clone so I don't know what they're called. I already have everything needed to re-pin one end of the cable, and fit into the white connector part as Picture 1. This will go to a 10-pin header on the main board.

But I want to replace the connectors on the other end as well, so my question is what the connectors are called? I'm new to this and clueless what to search for.

Firstly, I need a second female connector as in the first picture, plus some more of those pins, what are these called? Then I need a corresponding male connector for the effect board. Ideally I would like the same part as the original (Picture 2 and 3). This one is angled 180 degrees, and I don't know what this one is called either. If this part can't be found, then maybe 10-pin header will also do.

Anyone know where I can find these, preferably from a European distributor? :D
Please advice a beginner like me! I have attached the Pictures below.

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Re: Polysix Parts Name?

Post by Janis 1279 » Fri Apr 17, 2020 9:23 pm

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