Expression/CV external stomp box format LFOs available

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Expression/CV external stomp box format LFOs available

Post by protozoid » Sun May 03, 2020 7:51 am

Hi All,

Just posting to share a project of mine. It's a stomp box format LFO as an add-on for synths with an expression pedal input, that also allows for direct control of the voltage via one of the pots to open up another modulation source. In this age of eurorack dominance it's arguably not that revolutionary, but the form factor and connectivity specific to this application might be of use to some, particularly for 80's ish era synths with limited real time control.

I designed it to go with my Ensoniq SQ-80, but it should work with anything with an expression pedal jack, and the max voltage can be regulated anywhere within 5V-10V as is. It's very much an open source thing with schematics available for all, but I've also made up PCBs and am doing fully assembled units with front panel art etc for $AUD130 (~$85USD) if people are interested. Feel free to get in touch directly, but I've also got it up on ebay which some might prefer given my first post status here.

Schematics here: ... -schematic
Demo video:
Ebay listing:


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