FS: Korg Monotribe individual out amp boards/kits

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FS: Korg Monotribe individual out amp boards/kits

Post by Altitude » Sat Jan 28, 2012 12:33 am

I am ready to start offering these commercially. This is a 4 channel amplifier designed to increase the output level of the individual out patch points on the monotribe (which is PAINFULLY low). It pretty much raises the outputs to line level. This kit will require soldering (no way around it) and I will most likely offer a full kit with jacks (read on about this)

I have not 100% decided on how to offer this as a kit since there are a number of options that are available so I figure I would get a consensus here and offer several variants.

Here are the optional things to consider:

* The snare output is actually two outputs, snare frame and snare noise, you can mix the two for the full snare sound or use them individually. The snare frame sounds like a tom on its own and the noise, well sounds like snare noise. Both are usefull and could be mixed outboard. On mine, I have them mixed at the jack with two 100R resistors in parallel to the output

* Jacks: I use ones matching the ones on the output board for a factory look but those needed to be epoxied on and is not something I would recommend that people do unless they know what they are doing. I could offer it with the same 1/8" jacks I use for the midi kit or use big switchcraft 1/4" jacks instead. Everything would be priced accordingly

So for right now, here is the standing basic option:

Bare stuffed SMD board with wires soldered in place (I use standard 32 ga ones), all you would need to do is just solder the outputs from the Monotribe PCB, power, and ground. The board just gets stuck in place with some thick mounting tape (included). You supply the jacks of your choice.

$40 USD. Shipping TBD. I can do the same shipping scheme as the midi kits but this will be smaller and lighter so first class may be a better option for people outside of the US. In any case it wont be more than the midi kits ($6/$13/$17)


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