Roland jx-8p

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Roland jx-8p

Postby Trediggy » Sun Jun 30, 2013 2:53 am

I've been trying to learn about synth repair so I read, study and booger a lot. Sometimes I mess up but most the time I do ok but I am a greenhorn so chill out on busting my balls ok. So I got an jx8p I need to repair that made no sound but the rest seemed ok as far as powering on. So I traced it back to the power supply. One of the voltages on the transformers was low as if the trans was weak and the other voltage was completely gone on the other side but I had a roland s10 that had a transformer that voltage was really close and other parts I could use. I swapped the trans and wa la it sounded great. I messed with it for a day and it went blank with no sound. I kicked myself then because I should've known something killed the tranny the first time and killed it again. So I got one more tranny left but I can't blow this one so I figured I'd trouble shoot the power supply or change all the major components which I figure is about 6 parts. Does anyone know a good article on this or have any tips. I have an oscilliscope but don't know how to work it so an article on that would be great too thanks
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