YAMAHA DX21 Part Out

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YAMAHA DX21 Part Out

Postby DX21 » Sat May 17, 2014 10:31 pm

I have a DX21 I'm Parting out for sale as I have a new one.

Shell - $25
LCD Screen - $20
Buttons (plastic) -$10
Buttons (PCB Board) - $10
black/white Keys, springs, etc $2/pc (works for DX7,11,21,27 series)
Keyboard (complete) $50
Knobs - $10/pc

Wiring Harness Kit: $50
Power Supply Unit: $25

Whole Damn thing: $60 + Shipping.

Sorry, no motherboard, mine's burned out so I took the chips for a project.

Prices don't include shipping, import fees, prices are negotiable.
I live in Canada, I will accept Paypal and Maple Syrup
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