E-mu Emax/Esi/E4x "Film & Atmospheric Textures" Vol.1 - CD

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Computer Science
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E-mu Emax/Esi/E4x "Film & Atmospheric Textures" Vol.1 - CD

Post by Computer Science » Mon May 23, 2016 9:50 pm

E-mu EMAX II/ESI/E4x & Ultra Samplers Series - "Film & Atmospheric Textures" - Volume 1

Im very proud to announce you that my very first sample CD is now available on Ebay ///

http://www.ebay.fr/itm/E-mu-EMAX-II-ESI ... 2041605236

E-mu Emax II "Film & Atmospheric Textures vol.1"
All those sounds are from my personal E-mu Emax II Sounds collection, built thru the years, and have been used on my past records and remixes,
it includes drums, basses, synth, FX, pads, vocals textures etc...

Most of them comes from my Emulator II and Emax I personal library. It's a vintage goldmine!

Tracklist: 99banks (more than 400sounds)

Format: E-mu Sampler series (any models), Akai S1000, Kontakt/EXS24 (CD-ROM)

Compatible with the following machine: E-mu EMAX II/ESI/E4x & E4x Ultra Samplers Series, Akai S1000/2/3/4/5/6 series, Kontakt/EXS 24 virtual Samplers.

Check the Youtube video teaser hereunder //

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