Searching for a Library for Ensoniq EPS 1 on SD HXC

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Searching for a Library for Ensoniq EPS 1 on SD HXC

Post by Obi-One » Wed Aug 17, 2016 12:43 am

I buy a Ensoniq EPS classic but the seller forgot to 250 floppy disks that were to be with and now do not want to send them to me !!! very bad guy :-(
So, I look for a nice library for EPS classic, preferably on SD for SD HXC floppy emulator.
I pay the postage, the SD and a supplement is possible for your work ;-) >> without the parentheses

Thank you in advance

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Re: Searching for a Library for Ensoniq EPS 1 on SD HXC

Post by blueknob » Sun Aug 21, 2016 7:35 am

You may want to investigate the HXC drive options as it should be possible to get ensoniq files off the internet, transfer them to your HXB drive and the EPS should then see the files as disks. It's very clever.

I know for the EPS16+ the file is a "ede" and normally uses Giebler's Ensoniq Disk Extractor that makes real floppy from these images. I believe the HXC works the same way, upload an "ede" to the HXC and the EPS should be able to read it. Or at least that is how I understand the system.

One source of disk images is although I am not sure what the difference is regarding backwards compatability, I think there isn't any! So you will need to find images for the EPS not the EPS16+ (which I have a huge library) and so can you. I also have Giebler's Ensoniq Disk Manager which is also good for moving files around within the ensoniq domain, I have a lot of "efe" which are INSTRUMENTS and if required I can collect up a few and make a single floppy image.

Maybe someone who owns the EPS can comment.

BTW: my biggest hate is when the seller says the deal includes the manual only to not have it upon collection.

UPDATE: I have sent you an "ede" disk image of what should be EPS native stuff. It contains two INSTRUMENTS, try and load that onto your HXC and see how it goes. :geek:

UPDATE2: it seems this works with the help of making the .ede files into .hfe for the HXC , info on their website.

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