SCi P2000 original sounds

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SCi P2000 original sounds

Postby kayvon » Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:21 pm

Hi all,

I can't sell my P2000. Can't do it. Haven't listed it or anything it's just that it's too much of a back in the day professional piece of gear compared to all my other stuff and I would never be able to replace it with something of equal quality.

I tried and failed to multi-sample some basic waves from my Korg 700 but now I understand the P2000 architecture a bit better I'm gonna try again. When I do so I will offer up the .p2k files maybe on a DM Dropbox basis if that works. My machine has the basic 256k and the OS without the crossfade looping but I do intend to drop that chip in when I get the time + inclination.

In the meantime (I hope to have my multisamples done by this evening) is anyone aware of any original samples for this thing? More in the synth vein is my interest but interesting strings/Eastern/African instruments would be cool.

I've found the ones on this page faire un patch sur la P2K en Francais but they seem to be rehashed from another instrument and many of them loop atrociously (perhpas the crossfade looping is required?) and there are uninteresting looking ones from Wine Country and Kid Nepro but I'm wondering if there were ever specific sample recording sessions for the P2K??

Yahoo group is dead and I can't get a reply/added :(

Cheers for any linx and hopefully my Korg 700 cycles won't be too vanilla ;)
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