Akai S900 Factory Sound Library

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Akai S900 Factory Sound Library

Postby Rasputin » Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:32 am

EDIT: I have answered my own question for the most part and have a lot more nowhere-else-on-the-web type information, so I will be updating this thread or expanding to a new one when I have the time.

Information about this is very limited, and I can only find hard evidence of six disks for the S900 actually made by Akai. They are as follows:

Operating System (OS) 4.0
Operating System (OS) 2.0
Akai S900 Operation Guide Disk
SL581 - Multi Sound #1
SL582 - Synth Sound #1
SL583 - Dry Kit

I have OS 4.0 and the Operation Guide Disk, but does anyone possess any info about these or other disks (or better yet the disks themselves)? Seems a pretty limited library...

I'm also aware that Northstar made a fairly extensive library for the S950, but even third party content for the S900 seems quite scarce.
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Re: Akai S900 Factory Sound Library

Postby manowaro » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:59 pm

I have some disks from the official Akai S900 sound library; SL501 to SL516. It would be interesting to find other S900/S950 users who have other disks. /M
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