Clipping and distortion when using soundfonts

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Clipping and distortion when using soundfonts

Post by PabstBlueRibbon » Sun Dec 23, 2018 4:47 pm

A while ago I've found some great soundfonts of two harpsichords. The first one contains the sound of a delicate french harpsichord and the other one offers the sound of an Italian harpsichord with a more solid sound. Both contain samples of every key with 4 plectrum settings. (On harpsichords you can set the position of the plectrums plucking the strings to edit the sound from that typical silver harpsichord character to a lute-like sound.)

Also a soundfont of a classical house organ (not electric but with pipes) can be found.

It really sounds good. I thought I've discovered a gem. But I think the gem has to be polished.

I've used the organ soundfont to play a midi-file of Tocatta from Bach. During chords with many tones the sound was distorted. Briefly I was affraid I'm having troubles with my audio interface and I should afford a new one, however there are no other signs my interface is malfunctioning.

I think the samples have to be edited with the EQ, just like you're editing the individual tracks in your mix. Otherwise the tracks together will give you a volume which exceeds the normalisation level and then clipping and distortion will occur.

I have no experience with this. So if you can tell me briefly what I should do and where to look for more information about it you can help me lot! Thanks in advantage

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