Anyone used an Alesis Sample Rack as a Phrase Sampler/Playback Sampler?

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Anyone used an Alesis Sample Rack as a Phrase Sampler/Playback Sampler?

Post by translucencecs » Sat May 11, 2019 11:32 pm

Hi all - unnecessarily long question that may or may not have an even longer answer...

I'm almost entirely hardware-based (although I tend to manipulate samples on a PC before uploading to a hardware sampler, purely for convenience). However, although I have the big, "traditional" samplers nailed in my rig (Roland Fantom XR and EMU E5000 Ultra), I (additionally) have a need for a down-and-dirty sampler that literally just plays multiple individual phrase samples straight back, with no particular need for chromatic scaling, etc.

...But I'm struggling: I have an Akai MPX16, and the MIDI implementation is shitty, I have two Yamaha SU200s and two Zoom ST-224s, and the memory on all of these is hugely restricted, and I'm now running out of solutions.

However: I just stumbled upon the Alesis Sample Rack, which seems to be fairly unlimited (within reason) on sample memory, and also seems to have a pretty good MIDI implementation. But it's heavily marketed as a (live) drummer's tool. BUT it *looks* like it *should* fit the bill - straight, clean sample playback, triggered over (reasonably flexible) MIDI, with no frills and multiple samples assigned to a single program.

Anyone have any experience of using one of these In the context of a straight phrase sample playback unit? No need for looping or clever manipulation - all I need is multiple *LONG* samples in a single patch/kit/whatever you care to call it - cheaply and cheerfully... Will this do it without any unexpected baggage?

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Re: Anyone used an Alesis Sample Rack as a Phrase Sampler/Playback Sampler?

Post by blueknob » Wed May 15, 2019 7:06 am

Our drummer used their SamplePad to not only play unique drum sounds, but also had a sample that was about 30 seconds long of a poem. The only problem was, being a drummer he'd hit the pad a few times which then would trigger mulitple versions! noisey.

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Re: Anyone used an Alesis Sample Rack as a Phrase Sampler/Playback Sampler?

Post by salwa » Wed May 15, 2019 1:18 pm

I know it's not answer to your question, but have you tried Roland Sp 404? It streams samples from card, so card is the limit. As for MIDI implementation - it depends on what you are trying to achieve, every sample location is tied to one note, playing that note on attached keyboard or sequencer fires the sample. Pretty simple thing.
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