Yamaha QY70 owners: How do I silence a single MIDI out channel?

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Yamaha QY70 owners: How do I silence a single MIDI out channel?

Post by hitachii » Sat Jan 09, 2021 7:52 am

New QY70 owner. Been playing around with it for a couple of days and started hooking it up to sequence a synth. It works fine, except I can't figure out how to turn the internal voice of only one channel off, so that it can just send midi signal out. It's set to the first 8 channels, and I've messed around with the local on/off, that doesn't work either. Both pattern mode and Song mode result in the internal voice playing unless local is off.

In this video, the person filming makes it look pretty simple, but after setting it up the way he's done it still results in hearing the default piano instrument on whichever channel I'm choosing. If it's in pattern mode and set to the other 8 channels, I hear the internal sound, but no longer hear the instrument.

Any tips on this? Thanks!

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Re: Yamaha QY70 owners: How do I silence a single MIDI out channel?

Post by meatballfulton » Sat Jan 09, 2021 6:10 pm

Unlike most Yamaha sequencers (EX5, Motif, Montage, etc.) it doesn't appear to have an internal/external switch on each channel of the mixer.

Try the Mute button for that track, also the volume fader. Either (or both) may also mute the MIDI out. In the video he is muting and soloing tracks. Watch the part where he shows the Virus is not playing on ch2 until he tweaks the mute/solo setting. He's in the pattern mode in the video, but the Song Voice mode gives you the same control per track.

On my Motifs, I used to create a "silent" voice and use that on tracks driving only external MIDI. You might be able to do this by taking a voice and setting the envelope to A=0, D=0, S=0, R=0. See the voice editing section of the manual.

Good luck!
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