Korg DSS-1: overkill?

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Re: Korg DSS-1: overkill?

Post by synthesizerist » Fri Oct 31, 2008 2:58 pm

I told you you'd love it! The load times won't bother you too much either as you can see you can play around on one disc for a long time. Now that you own one you'll really be scratching your head why you got it so cheap!

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Re: Korg DSS-1: overkill?

Post by madtheory » Fri Oct 31, 2008 7:27 pm

tallowwaters wrote:Man, dont you wish some company would make impulse samples of all the old samplersI
Me too! But it's have to a be a multisample- one impulse for each key, at all available rates. Huge processor load with that. So really what's needed is modelling, it's takes less power to run but a lot more manpower to create. The market for this sort of thing can't be that big- it seems to be more cost effective to model guitar amps and old synths.

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Re: Korg DSS-1: overkill?

Post by gs » Tue Nov 11, 2008 11:54 pm

The DSS-1 may indeed be overkill in size and weight but it's worth every ounce. I love its warm analog brass and synth strings, dark oozing pads, and it's no slouch either at synth-bass and leads. The tiny 256K sample memory makes it pretty useless as a sampler but good enough to store up a bunch of waveforms and a couple of PWM loops. Some of the best patches I've written for it are based on nothing more than a couple of sawtooth waves. It's a great sounding synth- for some sounds it even outclasses my JX-10, especially the brass. The 12-bit waves sound every bit as good as most DCO synths. I love the aftertouch when you lean into the keys and make the filter open up. I use a Peavey PC1600 MIDI controller to get some realtime control of the parameters. And yes there's nothing like getting behind and playing a monster sized synth (it's as big as a Matrix 12!). I actually have mine on a lower tier of a stand with the JD800 on top. (Those 2 synth go together very nicely, btw.)
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Re: Korg DSS-1: overkill?

Post by Analog Freak » Thu Nov 13, 2008 6:20 am

The DSS-1 is a monster. I never could understand why they go for so little money when they outclass a lot of analog poly-synthesizers. Two oscillators per voice, awesome filters, quite a bit of modulation abilities, and a really nice digital delay effects unit to boot. Editing is fairly easy as well, although the screen seems ridiculously small in relation to the rest of the unit. I would recommend getting one to anybody, at current prices, they are an incredible bargain. I sometimes wish it had portamento and an arpeggiator, but I suppose you can't have everything.
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Re: Korg DSS-1: overkill?

Post by Frayo » Tue Dec 02, 2008 3:25 am

It was a while ago when I bought my DSS-1. I bought the machine and fooled around with it and didn't spend the time required to make amazing samples with it. I initially wrote it off--

Then after reading some of the users comments on this board about it, I decided to really get around to using it. I mean it was only $130 (the price did play a part in determining its weakness earlier).
This thing is freaking amazing. The filters are awesome for samples. The multiple synthesis methods and the AMOUNT of things you can do to samples is amazing. You can do anything with this machine. It sounds amazing and the DDL's can really add some character to your sound. You can also drop the bit depth of your sample to make it even more nasty than before...and run it through the filters and the envelopes and use the (although not labeled as) LFOs for further tweaking...This thing is overkill. It's a perfect machine. Given its capabilities, it's a steal.

I say the same thing about the emax. I love my Emax and DSS-1 equally. Sometimes I resample modified samples in one sampler with another for complete and total destruction.

I also use it for (don't laugh too hard) my Yamaha PSS-760. This little guy is a cheap 2 OP FM MIDI keyboard with a surprising sound pallet (if you spend enough time programming it). The thing is, I like the simplicity of the sounds...that way when you completely destroy them with the massive power of the DSS-1, you play a note from the cheap little PSS...and it literally makes you go "whoa, this came from THAT?". I have a blast with this thing.

If anyone out there is considering getting a DSS-1, I would say get it. They are really huge (there's a rack version, but its pretty rare)..and as far as cost goes...this is the most bang you can get for your dollar on the synth market (IMHO). I had nearly $700 worth of fun on this machine in the past month and I payed $130.

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