Comparing Emulator/Emulator II+/Emax transposition + filter

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Comparing Emulator/Emulator II+/Emax transposition + filter

Post by KennethA » Wed May 20, 2009 1:44 pm

Yes - I am a geek.

I have now compared the transposition (and filters) of the Emulator II+ and Emax samplers.
I have included the original Emulator (Emulator 1) in the transposition comparison, but not in the filter comparison as it doesn't have a traditional cutoff/resonance filter.

Transposition comparison:

Here is the reference choir sample I chose to sample: ... sition.mp3

It was shot to all three samplers at the same time as close to 0dB as possible. So what I fed to the samplers is the same 1.2 second sample.

I then did nothing but setting up MAX transposition (up/down) so what you hear is the max transposition span of a single sample in any of the three samplers.

Here is the Emax: ... sition.mp3

Here is the Emulator: ... sition.mp3

Here is the Emulator II+: ... sition.mp3

Filter comparison:

I created a saw sample in Wavelab 6, and again it was shot to both samplers at the very same time at max level (as close to 0dB as possible).

Max resonance and mid cutoff. An envelope was set up to contol the cutoff to make it fall quickly.
Set up on the Emax and Emulator II+ is as similar as possible.

In all honesty I was surprised that the Emax was THAT much more aggressive sounding - but that's the reality. The Emulator II is well known for it's soft sounding filters - and here they are.

Emax: ... ilters.mp3

Emulator II+: ... ilters.mp3

You can download all files in one convenient ZIP file if you like: ...

Love to you all !

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Re: Comparing Emulator/Emulator II+/Emax transposition + filter

Post by madtheory » Wed May 20, 2009 2:15 pm

The transposing is interesting. The Emax seems to have the most artifacts, and the Emulator 1 sounds like there's an anti aliasing filter on it. The EII sounds "fat" transposing and filtering. Both are very nice! I can see why you have both :)

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