ESi2000 turbo and reverb

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ESi2000 turbo and reverb

Postby gmeredith » Fri Mar 12, 2010 5:11 am

I discovered an interesting observation while fiddling around with my Esi2000, which has the turbo board option installed (and OS 3.02) that has extra outputs plus effects. I've never actually had time to sit down and use the turbo features, and have normally had the standard stereo outs going into my mixer and sound system for monitoring. I would typically make up a preset of some samples without any effects from the turbo board on them, but just recently as a result of getting ready to move house, I've pulled apart my studio and am just using a small setup, using the ESi headphone jack and a set of computer speakers as my system speakers.

The reverb comes out of the headphones!!??!! Even though I haven't assigned any turbo effects to the preset, and it doesn't have it on the normal main line outs when I check again.

I took my sample bank over to my friends ESI32, which also has the turbo option (and same OS 3.02) and the effect doesn't appear on the samples through the headphones. Interesting.

Searching through the preset edit menu, I can switch it off, but I thought it strange that it would be set as default to ON whenever you make a new preset, and to "reverb".

So does this mean that the headphone output gets re-routed through the turbo board when installed and becomes the same signal as the "effect outs" on the turbo board?

Cheers, Graham
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