Where'd all the Akai S1000s go? I need a disk drive.

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Where'd all the Akai S1000s go? I need a disk drive.

Postby therealeugenius » Tue Jan 14, 2014 4:33 am

Seriously. Used to be you could always find a few on ebay.

But yes, I've been getting the feared "unreadable format" message, even on disks I've been using just a few minutes before. I've noticed it's got progressively worse the last month or so. The information on the internets is a little scant about replacement drives, aside from talking about AMIGA 600/1200 drives and some PC drives with jumpers, which makes me wonder if anyone's even bothering with these anymore. But I got a lot of samples, both from Akai sound libraries and personally created, that I'd like to back up to zip. Any help would be appreciated. I'll be happy to share the sound libraries with anyone who's interested. Just need to get that drive working. Badly.

And if you have one you'd like to part ways with (or an s900/950), holler.

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Re: Where'd all the Akai S1000s go? I need a disk drive.

Postby Vxster » Sat Jan 18, 2014 9:51 pm

A Teac FD-235HF would be suitable for an S1000.
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Re: Where'd all the Akai S1000s go? I need a disk drive.

Postby gmeredith » Thu Feb 13, 2014 1:26 am

The drive may just need it's head cleaning - it's worth a try, although possibly a long shot. They have a magnetic pickup on the head, just like a tape recorder. In reality, they are a rotary tape player/recorder. Pop the case off it and see if you can get to the head with a cotton bud and some cleaning alcohol (isopropanol, VHS tape head cleaner etc). I have somewhere a floppy drive head cleaner disk - basically a floppy disk with a cotton or absorbent paper wheel in it instead of the magnetic disk. You put a small squirt of the head cleaner on the wheel through the slot in the cleaner disk casing and insert it into the drive, then press the load button or whatever is needed to set the disk spinning, then it cleans itself.

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