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Re: Sampling Synth

Postby pflosi » Mon Mar 03, 2014 11:22 pm

I have an XT and I'm very happy with it. It just rocks :headbang:

You should be able to find one for 800-1k second hand.
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Re: Sampling Synth

Postby max badwan » Tue Mar 04, 2014 3:24 am

If you're serious about vintage, Emax SE is a great sampler/synth, but you wont get gigs of RAM. Most of the Emu samplers are excellent.
The V-Synth is an excellent, more modern iteration of the concept, as are the Korg Triton and Yamaha Motif series.
Halion 5 as a softie gets a thumbs up from me as well.
max badwan
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Re: Sampling Synth

Postby Chevytraveller » Fri Mar 07, 2014 7:41 am

As Max Said.. If you want the sound then go for either an Emax I or II.. the Emu sound is at the centre of the music you love.
Shed any ideas you have about having loads of RAM and learn to be creative with restrictions in the same way we did back in the day..
You may be surprised how stimulating it is to work with tight limitations.. your creativity will be forced into action ;)
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Re: Sampling Synth

Postby _seph » Tue Mar 11, 2014 4:54 pm

skinnypuppy wrote:I do have one concern: I can only find the Roland V-Synth GT, which is aparently $2,000. Are you guys referencing a different model? Also, I can see myself using the Alesis Fusion 6HD, but I can find no sellers.

Finding these synths online is a bit of a challenge. Musician's Friend doesn't sell the Aleis Fusion. I've never used Ebay for anything. Is there a great place that sells these? Can I directly contact Roland and ask them for a VSynth?

both the original V-Synth and the Fusion are long discontinued and no, you cannot buy them direct from Roland or Alesis. forums such as this are usually a good place to begin looking, also there is craigslist and ebay. here is a nice tool-

for what you're after, those two would actually make a nice pair and you should be able to get them both fairly easily for under $1500

the V-Synth is also my "desert island synth", and that is in comparison to every synth/sampler that has yet existed. seeing that you're into Skinny Puppy, cEvin Key is a big fan of the V-Synth and has made use of it since SP reformed.

however, it is probably worth mentioning that there is a reason that you cannot find much for new samplers on the market and that is because computers just do it better. personally, were I in your shoes and wanting to do much with sample manipulation I would instead consider something like the Ableton Live Suite as it's Sampler instrument is fantastic and with a few extra plug-in instruments such as Camel Audio's Alchemy and iZotope's Iris, no hardware can compare. I also feel that Propellerhead's Reason is a great all-in-one bundle for the money, if you're on a budget.

a V-Synth is great but for as much as I love it, I'd choose my laptop + Push controller over it in a heartbeat.
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Re: Sampling Synth

Postby ejlif » Sun Mar 16, 2014 7:56 pm

If 80 EBM and industrial is your thing then you simply gotta get yourself an Akai S series sampler. Every single one of the bands you name it used one. Never once would you go to a show and not see that white face in the rack of gear. It's a lot of work to use compared to the modern marvels we have now days but for faithful recreation you can't do wrong and they are dirt cheap. I was so obsessed with the same music 20 years ago. I spent 5000 bucks on an Akai S1000 with fully loaded 32MB of RAM. This was the s**t. I had a 44MB removable SCSI drive hooked up. I stayed up all night every chance I had with that thing it was the most exciting thing I ever bought such a world of possibilities in it. Skinny Puppy was the holy grail of that music and they used the Akai extensively. I used to go to the shows and force my way up to the front just to get a closer look at the gear they were using. That was before you could just get their gear list by looking on FB, it was such a mystery and wonder those days, you had to read about things in a magazine or occasionally you would get a list of gear used on the album back cover. I still have an Akai S3000 XL just sitting in my storage room doing nothing sadly getting no love. It's just unreal the possibilities with something like Ableton Live 9 these days makes using a hardware sampler seem so pointless but maybe just maybe that's the key to getting the 80s sound back?
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Re: Sampling Synth

Postby Cruel Hoax » Fri Mar 21, 2014 5:47 am

Let me add another voice to the V-Synth love. Really great for industrial/EBM, or exploratory sound. I love the sound and workflow of the Ensoniq samplers also, but floppy disk performance (and overheating in the ASR-10) is an issue with anything you buy used.

I had good luck with MPCs, but never really got on with Akai's rack samplers. Don't get me wrong; they're workhorses for sure. But they're more of blank slates, and software does that plenty well. I'm more into idiosyncratic gear, with a particular voice and a particular set of nifty things it does well (or hilariously ineptly, as the case may be!)

Idiosyncratic: V-synth's effect-per-voice, realtime controls, variable architecture. Ensoniq's excellent effects, auto-rotating output assignment option, loop-point-modulation in real time, not to mention The Glitch.

(Have owned samplers by Ensoniq, Yamaha, Akai, Roland, E-Mu, and Casio. My opinion is not the final opinion, only mine.)

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