Where are the sampling drum machines?

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Re: Where are the sampling drum machines?

Post by kuroichi » Sat Mar 22, 2014 1:35 am

Stab Frenzy wrote:Whenever I start thinking about what would be the perfect sampler it always comes back to just being an OT with a bigger interface, or an OT with an output per track running into a nice analogue desk. That thing really just kills it.
This is exactly what I have thought to be honest. I think with the OT the main problem for me was what seemed like a lack of focus or direction for the product as a whole, although that may just seem that way because it can cover a lot of ground/areas. As a hardware sampler the OT is a great machine. Particularly when it comes to sample editing, it's really precise. I think the OT can be a little convoluted UI wise, and so I really would like to see Elektron start to use larger screens and or larger hardware with slightly more surface area. But I doubt that would effect any of the older elektrons anyway. I really would have liked more polyphony though.

Also, in response to what ellaguru said, I have said before that I think the SP404sx is excellent, if it had a better sequencer I would actually class it as a classic piece of equipment for me. I really enjoyed using it and think its a really simple and fun piece of equipment.
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