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copying proteus ROM samples

Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2016 4:18 am
by abruzzi
I have a E-Mu Ultra with a ESynth ROM in it. I noticed I can select the ESynth ROM in the Disk page and load it, and it loads the samples into RAM as well as the presets.

Since I also have a PX-7 with the protean drum ROM, the XL-7 ROM and the Virtuoso ROMs, I was wondering if, one by one, if I put the Proteus ROMs in the Ultra, and loaded them could I then save all the ROM samples out to a hard disk. The ROMs are going to stay in the PX-7, but if this can work if would be useful to have the ROM samples in the sampler as building blocks.

(1. I know the presets won't transfer, but I'm thinking about the samples, and 2. I could just try, but before I start tearing things apart, it would be useful to know if it can be done.)

Re: copying proteus ROM samples

Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2016 7:07 pm
by Baus
Hi abruzzi,

Does it really load them into RAM or does it load and play from ROM?

I am asking because I have an Ensoniq Sampler with a Flash Rom card and all this does is
save patches or instruments into rewritable rom. In this case the samples can be loaded but
they're not loaded into the RAM but played from the ROM. Any samples I load and play from
this Flash Rom do not take up any space from the RAM memory. In the case of Ensoniq these
samples can not be edited either.

Anyways, your question sounds interesting and I would think that if those samples are really
being loaded into the RAM, then it should be able to save them to disk too.

Let me know about your findings.

The Netherlands

Re: copying proteus ROM samples

Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2016 7:47 pm
by abruzzi
Well I pulled them all apart and gave them a spin, and sure enough it worked. I knew it loaded the samples into RAM because when I tried it with the ESynth ROM, I saw the available sample RAM drop by 16mb. So now I have the orchestral, drum and xtreme lead files on my hard drive, and the ROMs are back in the PX-7. Interestingly, some of the ROMs had very rudimentary presets for the Ultra as well. Nothing like the presets that show up in the Command Station.

I'm not much of a sampler, but I love to use samplers to mangle existing samples, so this gives me a decent archive of samples to use as starting points.

Re: copying proteus ROM samples

Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2016 10:36 pm
by Baus
Cool! Good to know it worked. Yes, I was wondering if the available RAM would drop.

I am the same in that I don't like to use sample libraries and it's good to have some source
material, like you mention.

Working with the Ensoniq machine made me realize that I don't really need large samples to create some awesome sounds. Really.... a 256 or 512 samples waveform already creates miracle.

Curious about what you pull out of your sampler.

All the best,