Psychedelic Cookbook: 100% Royalty Free Sound Library

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Psychedelic Cookbook: 100% Royalty Free Sound Library

Post by griffin avid » Sun Dec 18, 2016 10:51 pm

Got this email today. Not sure where to post it or if anybody on here cares.
100% Royalty Free Sound Library
Psychedelic Cookbook: 100% Royalty Free Sound Library. This is a free gift.

"TB Arthur makes the most disquietingly hallucinatory acid house tracks of any producer currently operating." —Joe Muggs (Bandcamp)

"Producers who I deeply respect support my music, so this free collection is my way of sharing sounds within this creative community" —TB Arthur
Download your free Psychedelic Cookbook – exclusively on Bandcamp.

Over 900 MB of basslines, beats, percussion, synths, vocals, tops & more.

All the inspiration you need for building your own original tracks in any DAW or hardware sampler.
They send you the download link via email, so you are joining his/their mailing list (which you can obviously opt out of). I will actually stay on this list (sent to one of my less used emails) and if it gets spammy or too active, I'll dump them. But for now, I'll trade a read or two for some samples.
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