Yamaha DX7 - low/quiet output

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Yamaha DX7 - low/quiet output

Post by _M_ » Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:29 pm


I have a problem with my DX7's output. It's very quiet... When I'm connecting all my vintage synths to mixing console, I have to lower the volume of all of them, almost to the minimum, and increase the volume of DX7 to the maximum. Is DX7 usually this quiet, or output on my DX7 is damaged? When I'm connecting via headphones output, it works great and plays very loud, but solution like that isn't satisfactory to me :D

As usuall sorry for my bad english

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Re: Yamaha DX7 - low/quiet output

Post by satchy » Sat Jun 17, 2017 5:42 pm

Hi _M_,

no, the output of your DX7 is not damaged! :)
The output of the DX7 ist really very low and very noisy.
There is a trimming potentiometer in it (VR3), whith this it's possible to adjust the Output-/and the Headphone-Volume !!
(Because the same signal-way).

*** CAUTION... the headphone out and the (MAINOUT) will be very louder as before. The noise too !! ***

If you do it....Please...be careful...
You've only two healthy ears :!:

Here ist a link with a picture from the web that show you the trimmpot above the IC56.


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