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Korg MS 20 Mini CV Problem

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 4:55 pm
by AK79
Hi folks,
I have problem here and maybe someone can help me out.

A client gave me a MS20 mini because he has trouble using it with external CV / Gate.

What I found after some messing around is :

if you play the MS20mini over its own keyboard you get a almost perfect scale across it.
If play it over MIDI / USB you get the same scale
If play it over the CV/GATE inputs on the panel you get rubbish. Middle C is ok but above you end up almost half a note out of tune per ovatave.
I use the Kenton pro usb and the owner of the synth has the same problem with the Arturia Beatstep.

I found that the CV output of the Kenton is pretty much what you will expect from a Hz/V scale. the Keyboard CV output of the MS20mini however is not.

I suspect that the Korgs keyboard is designed to give a scale that sits well with the VCOs - same applies to the internal MIDI/USB interface. But if you put in a normal HZ/V from whatever interface you end up nowhere.
I tried to tweak the scale on the Kenton but that did not help either.

Anybody here who could shed some light on this ? I have used the original MS20 for years with that same Kenton interface and never had any problems.