Yamaha RX21 faulty pads?

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Yamaha RX21 faulty pads?

Postby bitcrusher » Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:14 am

Hey, I recently bought a Yamaha RX21 from ebay and noticed straight away that most of the pads aren't as responsive as they should be, having to press very forcefully just to sound as well as 8 buttons on the right hand side not working at all (including 'No' 'Yes' 'Start' and 'Stop/Continue' which are essential for using the step editor/write feature) I've included a picture of it here:https://imgur.com/a/MO46m Will try to get a look inside asap but the screws are completely rusted and stiff

What I want to know is, is there anything that could cause this to happen aside from bad contacts? The power supply provided also seems dodgy as it's not the original PA-1 supply Pic here:https://imgur.com/a/Y4pRw but not sure if that could be why.

I'm really not good with diagnosing problems like this so would really appreciate some help with this, thanks!

UPDATE: Managed to get it open and all seemed fine and relatively clean, not the contacts I expected but was a PCB with gold squares on for each pad (unsure of the term) - which all seemed fine. I did a clean over it and behind the drum pads and screwed together and the problem is still there. Should I assume it's screwed and get a refund?
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