Casio CZ3000 works then stops making sound...?!

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Casio CZ3000 works then stops making sound...?!

Post by danielBtruen » Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:46 pm

Hi folks.

Been getting stuck in to a CZ3000 I recently acquired. Finally got my head around the programming and then frustratingly encountered an usual bug.

Whilst playing it suddenly stopped making any sound. A quick off and on and it starts making sound again including the patches I had saved. Then it stops, again. Repeat.

I soon figured out it would let me play 16 notes before it gives up. Or 8 notes if I'm using 2 wave forms or oscillators. Or 4 if I'm using 2 wave forms and 2 Oscillators.

I tried the simplest of fixes - taking all the power away including the AA batteries, sacrificing my patches. No joy.

Don't suppose anyone can help me fix this?

Thanks and here's hoping...

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