Kurzweil K2600X Cosmetic Damage or Possibly More?

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Kurzweil K2600X Cosmetic Damage or Possibly More?

Post by vsis » Tue Nov 28, 2017 5:36 pm

I ordered a Kurzweil K2600X in extremely good condition at a very good price. I received it yesterday and the poor box was battered and even open by a couple of inches in some spots. Anyway, this beautiful Kurzweil K2600X with barely a scratch (except on the bottom - expected with use) now has three of the four corners broken away in chunks. It does boot up so that is a plus.

My concern is that the dozen or so chunks of broken end cap and the nearly two dozen smaller chips of broken end cap lead me to believe it was beat to heck and basically free-falling into whatever object it was dropped on along the 800 mile journey it traveled.

I would like to know what the thoughts are.... should I keep this keyboard or is there a risk there could be additional problems coming since it was repeatedly smashed into whatever?

I opened the battered box and discovered the keyboard and some bubble wrap. The keyboard was wrapped in a one to three layers of bubble wrap, specifically the ends were basically in one layer of bubblewrap and otherwise no protection (personally I expected to see styrofoam or some type of protection in the corners at the least. It was the original box as advertised and assured shipping it would not be a problem). There was a thin piece of particle board~ 2' long that had about 1/4" actually outside of the box on one end where the box was so battered that it was falling apart. I suspect the particle board was there at one point for support.

I noticed several chunks of plastic in the bubble wrap as I unwrapped the keyboard and many more smaller chips of plastic scattered about. With the keyboard fully unwrapped I could now see the two front corners and one of the rear corners has large areas where the metal frame is exposed due to the missing plastic.

The high key sticks slightly - I believe this is due to what is left of the plastic now putting pressure on the key. On the other end the pitch wheel rubs slightly against the plastic, again I think this is due to the pressure of the remaining plastic and is correctable with slight pressure at which time both wheels feel buttery smooth.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate any thoughts / insight into this picture.

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