Cleaning a Juno 106 (HS-60)

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Cleaning a Juno 106 (HS-60)

Post by fishheads » Sat Dec 09, 2017 6:29 am

Hi, recently bought a Roland HS-60 in good working order for fairly cheap, had no idea what it was when I saw it but made an impulse purchase and was pleasantly surprised to learn I basically got a half-priced Juno 106 ...

Anyway first thing I did was pop it open and man was it DIRTY, spider webs, dead bugs, and a layer of dust caked on the entire inside surface. I spray-dusted and vacuumed the best I could without taking all the boards out (some are hard to get to being mounted underneath the keys), checked out the battery and power supply which looked fine, crossed my fingers and tested it out and was even more pleasantly surprised to find it working 100%, not even the voice chips are bad (yet)

However, the thing is still really damn dirty. The sliders are hard to move and only intermittently work, numerous buttons are sticking, the foam underneath them is all cracked and falling apart, the foam stuff around the speakers had disintegrated, and of course the grime/dust layer on the boards bothers me.

Does anyone have advice on how to go about cleaning this up? I've never done any sort of restoration like this besides simple dusting, I have no clue where to start and don't want to hurt the synth with any cleaning products. Should I just take the boards out one-by-one and give them a good soak?

The speakers I'm probably just going to remove entirely since they just add dead weight imo.


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Re: Cleaning a Juno 106 (HS-60)

Post by Toris » Thu Dec 14, 2017 10:35 pm

It all depends on how much time you feel like spending on it.

I'd be tempted to leave or replace the speakers as it will keep it as it should be.

The foam gasket above the slide pots, between the PCBs and underside of the fascia should probably be replaced but you need to be careful what you replace it with. You need a sheet foam that won't deposit any dust or degrade into goo (google Moog Rogue foam). I replaced the foam in my Moog Rogue with some suitable stuff but I can't remember where I got it. Will have a think.

The slide pots can be de-soldered, dismantled, cleaned and lubricated but it's a lengthy process. You could try an air duster in each one then lube them with de-oxit or similar as a quick fix but it's not the proper way to do it.

The sticking buttons will need new tact switches I suspect which isn't a hard job to do if you can solder.

Good luck. what?

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