Help trying to identify synth lead and recreate on Synth1

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Help trying to identify synth lead and recreate on Synth1

Postby Music Bird » Mon Jan 08, 2018 1:49 am

In these songs At 0:16 and 0:23 1997 At 0:06 and 0:10 the stabby chords 1987 At 0:08 and the other one at 0:26 1981 At 0:08 1983 The squiggly lead 1979 The first lead wah wah thingy 2006 the chords 1967
I know the last 2 are a Moog. What about the others? I know the 3rd one was done by Kashif who loved the Oberheims and Minimoog, and YMO used the ARP Odyssey, Polymoog, and Prophet 5 heavily on that album. I'm thinking the Isley Brothers used a Prophet 5 and Minimoog on that album. What about the first 2? They sound like the same exact synth.
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