Connecting Korg Volca Bass with iPad- IOS apps

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Connecting Korg Volca Bass with iPad- IOS apps

Post by DannyBoy » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:18 am

I would like to connect a Korg Volca Bass with my iPad so that I can make use of AMPS & FX apps like ToneStack and AmpliTube. (I want to mess around with delay FX, like ToneStack's 'Cosmic Echo'). To be clear, I want the sound of the Korg go through the iPad and use the software FX of various stompboxes to change the sound and so on. I also would like to ability record everything on the iPad. I understand there is the iRig, but this is for guitars, and I understood that it will give overdrive if I use the standard iRig. I spoke to a guy from a music store and he recommended me the IK Multimedia iRig Pro Duo ( ).
He told me that the only way to attach the Korg to the iRig Pro Duo was using a jack 3.5mm stereo - 2x jack male 1.5m cable ( ... 1-5m-cable) from Korg Volca the headphone port to the iRig. I would like to double check with you guys if this is all correct information, as the iRig Pro Duo is not cheap. Also, is the headphone port on the Volca the only way out? Will I not get the overdrive with the Pro Duo?

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Re: Connecting Korg Volca Bass with iPad- IOS apps

Post by Kentronix » Thu Jan 03, 2019 12:45 pm

I cant help with the mac stuff but the volca bass headphone works well as a line out, he is correct about using a a stereo > 2xmono cable. You then just plug in ONE of the mono ends to your input. The volcas are slightly quirky like this and a stereo cable is not the way to go even into a stereo input. You split and just feed one mono lead into your input.

That device seems rather overkill given all you want is 1x mono in an 1x stereo out (I assume) out. The volcas are technically mono, same in both channels. Cant be sure on the volca sample but the bass sure is.

Is there not already an audio out on ipads ? Assuming there is all you need is a single mono input. Unless I have missed something, £200 sounds a lot for just that.
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