MKS 70 Keeps Restarting

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MKS 70 Keeps Restarting

Postby theextracat » Sun Feb 18, 2018 5:18 pm

Hey. I have a Roland MKS 70 that keeps restarting at random. Sometimes it happens in the middle of playing something, but I've not noticed anything in particular triggers it. It just happens. Sometimes it seems to crash while starting up too, when it reads ***mks 70*** before patch one is available. Turning it off then on resolves this. It is rack mounted, but the guy I bought it from says lifting it resolves it. What might be going on? It is still very usable, but I worry all these crashes might hurt the electronics. I will bring it in to be serviced soon, but my question, really, is how I should budget for such repair. Cheers.
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Re: MKS 70 Keeps Restarting

Postby Rasputin » Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:28 pm

Could be a loose power jack and/or short to chassis ground and/or PCB flex.

It's hard to say how much to budget, although I would suspect it's an easy fix once the problem is determined. But any tech is going to charge you a certain amount to even put it on the bench, most likely, so who knows?

I don't know how technically inclined you are, but I'd try to suss it out myself. Figure out if you can make it crash on demand by doing something specific like wiggling the power connector, or see if the suggested remedy of tilting it a certain way works.
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