rebuilding a synth setup

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rebuilding a synth setup

Postby Bgcat » Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:45 pm

I used to have a old Tascam mixing board which has long since died for my in-home studio. So now I have the synthesizer that I use (Yamaha Motif XF8 with extra memory).
The problem is that the collection of 6 rack mount synths that I have:

  • Yamaha TG77
    Yamaha EX5R
    Kurzweil K2500RS
    Korg 03/RW
    Roland M-se1 String Ensemble MSE1
    Roland JV-2080R
    also I have an old Midiquest Opcode 8 SE
All of which just sit there unused and I'd like to connect them up to restart my orchestral work which accessed all of the synths because of the number of tracks required for large orchestrations (>60 tracks). I would like to be able (as I used to) listen to tracks recorded to various synths listed while recording to another.

What equipment do I need to accomplish this? I assume I'd need to replace the Opcode Midi multiport (since I don't have and haven't found current/usable drivers for), but with what? Also what would I look for in a mixer? Nothing would need to be mobile. Also, I may be assuming that all this could be set up again when the technology may be too old.

(I was and will continue to be a Cakewalk user for the last 20 years until I find a suitable replacement for the last [final] Pro version of Sonar running on Windows 10)
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