Service Manual and/or Firmware Group Buy Fund

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Service Manual and/or Firmware Group Buy Fund

Postby Rasputin » Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:45 pm

A lot of people come on here looking for service manuals and firmware in a hit-and-run fashion and only a limited amount of people contribute. It takes one person $30-50 and a couple days of scanning to create a worthwhile PDF of a service manual, and then it gets circulated around to thousands of people for free.

Same thing applies to people that tear their aging gear apart and risk ESD, bending pins, or even having to de-solder chips to read out firmware, and/or cough up the money to buy rare EPROMs -- and also the investment cost of owning a reader/programmer.

So... I was wondering who would be interested in pooling some funds to obtain those still needed and elusive items in hard form so they can be made electronic, archived, and made available to all. It only takes a couple $5 donors to amount to a much needed manual or EPROM, and you know just how indispensable those items can be if you're trying to maintain your gear, or even paying to have someone attempt to fix something.

What are some service manuals and/or schematics that need rescans or are entirely unavailable in electronic form? And what are some firmwares that still haven't been dumped and made available? Let's make a list of what's needed and who's willing to put some cash toward getting it done. Or alternatively, who is willing to purchase an item and send it to a volunteer willing to scan the manual or read-out the firmware.

Service Manuals / Schematics

Akai S950 (available, but schematics are almost unreadable -- needs rescan)
Akai AX60 (available, borderline readability -- rescan preferable)
Kawai K11 (obtainable, but not currently available here)
Ensoniq VFX (schematics are available but nearly unreadable -- needs rescan)
Ensoniq SD-1 (schematics unavailable, perhaps unobtainable entirely)
Oberheim DPX-1 (available, borderline readability -- rescan preferable)


Akai S900 (I have released v1.2b, but v1.2c is the last revision)
Line 6 POD Pro (I have released v1.2, but v1.3 is last revision and unavailable outside of purchasing a full module)

I have the complete schematics and service manual for the Akai S900 and Yamaha TX16W in hardcopy form if anyone wants to contribute to those projects.
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