K2000 Pitch Bend repair/service

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K2000 Pitch Bend repair/service

Postby Tekhed66 » Tue Mar 06, 2018 6:00 am

Hi all

Bit of a long shot here....

I have a K2000 with a pitch bend wheel that sort of works.... the bend isn't smooth in either direction and only bends the note once it's almost at the extreme end of the bend. When I bend upwards, the note's pitch is unaffected until the wheel is rotated about 90% of the 'up' range and then the note pitch does a wobbly bend up about 2 half tones (eg a C will bend up to a slightly wobbly D) ... bending down usually has no effect though sometimes it randomly oscillates between an un-bent and 2 steps down note once it has almost reached the end of the wheel's range (eg C will bend down to a random wobbly Bb, then back to C, back to Bb etc).

The modulation wheel is perfect.... no problems there.

Before I spend cash which I don't have on a replacement pitch/mod wheel assembly, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what I could do or check to make sure it's the wheel assembly and not something else? ... the replacement part comes with the associated circuitry but if there is a fault further along the line, replacing the assembly might not fix the problem (it's also non-returnable) .... could it be a dirty pot in the pitch bender? Could giving it a squirt of Deoxit be worth a go?

Any thoughts or advice would be fantastic.

many thanks!
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