Korg M1 Sound problem (I think!)

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Korg M1 Sound problem (I think!)

Postby Mark76 » Mon Apr 02, 2018 10:23 pm

Well, I finally managed to replace the battery in my old Korg M1, (eventually!) managed to restore the factory settings (tip, don't use a PC use a Mac if you have one!)

However, I think there may be a slight issue with some of the sounds.

The Piano and Electric Piano sounds don't seem as loud or as 'bright' as I remember them, but the BottleBell, Universe, Organ 17 are a lot louder. In fact the majority of sounds are fine it's just some that seem quieter.

To add to this, I think there is a distinct very very slight 'hiss' when the piano etc are played. I never noticed this before, is this a characteristic of the M1 samples?

Could this be a hardware issue, or an issue with the sys ex file (got it from the official Korg website)

Could any other M1 owners have a listen to theirs and see if this 'problem' is just a characteristic of the M1 or is there something that needs troubleshooting?

Thanks in advance!!
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