Korg Polysix MG rate knob problem

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Korg Polysix MG rate knob problem

Postby Wintersun » Fri Apr 20, 2018 11:29 pm

Hi all, ive been painstakingly replacing the dreaded battery board on my Polysix but ive run into a frustrating problem.
When i turn the MG rate knob it works but in a rather odd way, if you have the knob set at 0 and turn the knob clockwise, it will not activate the rate of the MG until it gets to about 4 on the pot, from there the MG kicks in but has an extremely narrow sweet spot, within two marks on the dial it has gone from zero to full speed, so its literally uncontrollable, making the full sweep of the pot pretty much redundant.
Can somebody let me know what i need to look at to sort this out, im going around in circles and cannot work out where this problem is coming from on the circuit or more importantly how to fix it.
Ive fixed a lot of problems on this board and other problems on the synth but this part is really confusing me.
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Re: Korg Polysix MG rate knob problem

Postby polysixer » Wed May 09, 2018 12:02 pm

Have you measured the pot already? I would start there. After that you can look at muxing problems and then CPU board problems. Use a scope to trace the signal from pot to CPU.
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