TG-500 proramming assistance needed

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TG-500 proramming assistance needed

Postby JosephGeha » Sun Apr 29, 2018 6:16 pm

I have a YAMAHA TG-500 unit that I am controlling from a Roland W-30 keypad through MIDI. I am also using the W-30 16-track midi sequencer to record the notes and events of my songs and play them back through the TG-500.

So far everything is good. I have been able to control successfully with the sequencer the TG-500 parameters such as choosing which instruments to play on the MIDI channels and implement changes in volume, pan, sustain as as well as bank and program change commands (for example to change volume I inset a control change that looks like this :" 2 *c.chg 7 100 " where 2 is the Midi channel, 7 is control command for volume and 100 is the volume value.

I have been trying to control several other parameters than the obvious ones listed above and this is where I am facing some difficulty. According to the YAMAHA manual and MIDI implementation chart almost all parameters of the TG-500 are controllable through MIDI control change such as: (for example) VCO waveform, filter cutoff, resonance, LFO, VCA parameters, effects (reverb, chorus, echo, etc.. and various effects parameters). I just can't figure out which commands to insert and whether I need sysex commands or not. I tried to read the MIDI chart table that lists every controllable parameter and I failed to understand it. I also tried to search online but did not find anything meaningful. I am an electronics engineer and I should understand the stuff!

I am therefore appealing to the musicians who have handled this type of problems before to guide me. I do not have a MIDI controller keyboard to experiment with.

Thanks in advance.
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