Using Midi-OX to load patches into the ESQ-1?

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Tiger Jackson
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Using Midi-OX to load patches into the ESQ-1?

Post by Tiger Jackson » Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:39 am

I've been trying to figure this out today. I get how to navigate through midiox. I'm unclear if I'm actually doing the sending & loading part correctly.

On the Midi button menu of the ESQ-1, I set the channel to 01, and Enable-keys+ct+pc+ss+sx.

Then I go to the Storage menu button, midi, send, and send to Mirage (?), which the ESQ will say target System Not Responding, but midiox recieves some hex code.

Is this working?

Then later, I decide to load the patch, exactly what do I do? I try
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Go to ->view->sysex->command window->load file then you choose the syx file you want to load. After that go to ->command window->send sysex
But I'm unure if it works, idk where the patch loads exactly, if I'm supposed to do something onboard the ESQ-1 or not.

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