So mixing/merging 2 signals on a patchbay is a big No No ?

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So mixing/merging 2 signals on a patchbay is a big No No ?

Post by squatski » Fri Aug 03, 2018 11:38 pm

I only just found this out this week. I was searching some info on my behringer pro 2000 (forget its proper name) on google/youtube. and I was like, well if these things are so clever with their routing selections for each patch, how come it can't mix/merge then?

Got a reply back saying this should never be done :shock: But he's right, and I am wrong.

I found out a way to freak my patchbay to merge signals just by having A1B1 set up as parallel. then taking a sneaky patch at the real from A1 into next-door's B2. Then I managed to merge 2 synths together... but of course as I was adjusting 1 of the synths main output volume it changed the whole volume! as if a ghost was touching synth number 2's output volume :lol:

So yeah it can damage equipment apparently, luckily I think I got away with it!!! but I won't do it again. It's the same thing for Y leads. Basically I need more channels on my mixing desk, patchbays = signal swapping & signal splitting but NOT signal merging. So yeah, not really a question, just giving newbies a heads up. The embarrassing thing is I'm 33 now, Went to music tech college in my teens and passed it! either I wasn't paying attention or they didn't mention it haha.

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Re: So mixing/merging 2 signals on a patchbay is a big No No

Post by Yekuku » Sun Aug 05, 2018 7:15 pm

Outputs produce voltage ,generally it is not a good idea to merge outputs because it is like connecting the outputs together, if there is not any circuit protection, sth will fail soon.
On the other hand, signal splitting works in most cases without problems.
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