SOLVED! No logo or model on vintage synthesizer?!

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SOLVED! No logo or model on vintage synthesizer?!

Post by princemewmew » Thu Aug 16, 2018 8:19 pm


I have this 32-key keyboard since childhood. I love it but it broke. I don't really remember why but I might have accidentally put in the wrong voltage via cable or wrong batteries (it has both options). Most remarkably it doesn't have a brand and it also has a microphone input(!!!) with a mic volume slider. I always wondered about that feature since I never used it. It seems to be a keyboard geared towards children so a mic input always felt a bit too hi-tech, supposing this keyboard is from the 80's. It might be later but I've had it since at least 1997 and it looks so similar to the Yamaha PSS-30 (released in 1882) that I think it's pretty safe to assume that this one is at least from the same decade. I assume I could open it up to retrieve more clues (maybe production year or brand logo) but I'm so scared to break it that I don't want to try that out without guidance. Also, the demo track included is Greensleeves.

I really want to fix this one or at least retrieve the soundbank to be able to use it for music production. The sounds are incredibly nostalgic to me.

BIG THANKS to anyone who can give me some clues! :thumbleft:


EDIT: This is now solved! Googled : Greensleeves and there we go!!! Wow... SUCH JOY!!!

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Re: SOLVED! No logo or model on vintage synthesizer?!

Post by ItsMeOnly » Fri Aug 17, 2018 7:48 am

Seriously? This is one of a whole bunch of mass produced "keyboards" that made their way onto Central and Eastern European bazaars (had a few), it doesn't really _have_ a producer as it was branded by a lot of importers as their own.

One of a few noticeable differences was Medeli that introduced a lot of different models, including a weird xx-6 (based on Yamaha PSS-270 sound engine and quite cool analog percussion) and later a PCM based keyboard.

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